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Crain's Power Sellers Awards 2009 Winner

Crain's Power Sellers Awards 2009 Winner - Press - Altruis Benefits - Crain__s_Detroit_Business
Anthony Fracchia, 34, lived in Japan for a year and a half as a management consultant for Metasolv Software Inc. But in 2004, his father, Robert, beckoned him home to join his insurance consulting business, American Insurance Agency L.L.C.
Fracchia obliged and returned with a new name for the company and a notion. Altruis Benefit Consulting was spawned from Fracchia’s belief that doing right by your customer is more important than making a sale — although the two are often entwined. Altruis stems from the Latin word altruism — a founding principal of Buddhism, Fracchia said.
“My goal is to bring honesty, integrity and professionalism to this business,” Fracchia said. “Altruism is at the core of everything we do.”
But business is, too. Sales are expected to quadruple this year, to more than $5 million from more than $1.4 million in 2004, when he paired up with his father. Fracchia’s personal sales goal for 2009 is $1.5 million.
Livonia-based American Community Mutual Insurance Co. honored Fracchia in 2004 as one of its “Rookie of the Year” recipients. He outsold all first-year insurance agents — in only eight months.
“He’s one of the most passionate and determined individuals I know,” said Robin McDonald, American Community’s regional marketing director for Michigan. “Telling Anthony ‘no’ is just not acceptable.”
Jim Simmons, manager of sales in individual business for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, said Fracchia embodies the perfect “prototype” for an insurance agent because of his insurance acumen and his willingness to go to bat for each one of his clients.
“He’s more of an advocate than an insurance agent,” he said. “He fights battles on behalf of his client, no matter how small the issue.”
When a client’s daughter was injured on a trip and their claim was denied, Fracchia spent the better part of six months getting $14,000 worth of medical bills covered by the insurance company. This included accompanying the family to a meeting in front of the insurance provider’s board of directors.
“Those people had no idea who to work with or to talk to,” Fracchia said. “It became personal; I wanted to make sure the insurance company was doing what it was supposed to do.”
— By Dustin Walsh

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Anthony Fracchia, a partner of Altruis Benefit Consulting in Bingham Farms, was named Power Seller for 2009 by Crain's Detroit Business.
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