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Client Service Model

Our comprehensive service model was prepared to effectively manage group client enrollments and renewals. We have refined this process over the years to ensure that all bases are covered when we work with both prospective and current group clients:
  • Analyze - It is imperative that we understand where a client is currently at before we can determine where they need to go. This includes reviewing the current carrier, the benefits being provided, the cost of the plan, and discussing any plan challenges. In the event that the client does not have a benefits package in place, we will discuss their budget and the type of benefits they are considering for their employee base.
  • Compare - This step involves leveraging our relationships with the insurance and financial institutions we represent. We take the information gathered in the “Analyze” phase and apply it to the broad range of products and services we have at our disposal. We will typically organize and propose three options for the client based on their specific needs and budget.
  • Educate - We consider this the most important step in our process! This is where we educate the client on the differences between each proposed option and how those differences address the needs gathered in the “Analyze” phase. We feel it is crucial for each and every client to understand the mechanics of their plan so there are no surprises when they need to use it. We also believe that by educating a client we are also creating a knowledgeable consumer.
  • Support - This is the step that separates the professionals at Altruis Benefit Consulting from the rest. Our success is a direct result of the satisfaction of our clients and in order to ensure that satisfaction we are available to our clients at any time. Using our refined “Client Service Model” we readily resolve claim conflicts between our clients and the insurance/financial institutions, assist in any paperwork needed to get a policy activated, and provide sound advice based extensive Industry experience. We assign a licensed account executive to your account which alleviates the burden of contacting a number of different companies to get answers when you need them.
  • Comply - Its easy to overlook ERISA/DOL compliance with all the reponsibilities that come with operating a business.  It is estimated that approximately 90% of business in the US would have at least one regulatory violation if audited.  We will review the current ERISA/DOL strategy for our clients, identify potentional violations, and provide resources to help get back on track.