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Product And Service Offerings

Our relationships with the nations top Insurance and Financial institutions provide us with the ability to offer an extensive range of employee benefit based products.  We will analyze your current plan and develop a strategy to increase the value of your employee benefit program with little to no cost increase.  In addition to the products we can offer, we utilize multiple technologies to create and administer a fully automated, web-based "Employee Benefit Portal" for your staff.

Employee Benefit Products

  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • HSA, HRA, and FSA Funding Strategies
  • Fully Funded and Self Funded Plans
  • Ancillary Benefits
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Speaking Engagements

Employee Benefit Services

  • Secure/Web Based Employee Benefit Portal Including
    • Online Benefit Administration System
    • Online HR Information System
    • Online Benefit Compliance Binder
  • ACA Reporting Capabilities
  • Self Funding Plan Underwriting
  • Customized Employee Wellness Programs
  • Benefit Plan Auditing against ERISA/DOL/ACA
  • Fee Based Consulting Services