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International Health Insurance

Why Do You Need International Medical Coverage?

Many US based health insurance companies provide limited benefits if you require medical attention when you are traveling outside the country. What many of our clients don’t understand is how difficult it can be to get these claims processed and paid. Many times our clients have to coordinate between their health insurance carrier and a foreign language speaking hospital or medical provider. For these reasons, we have partnered with the nation’s top health insurance providers to streamline this process and make it very easy to get reimbursed for your international medical claims.

In addition, we are also able to provide this solution to foreign citizens who are traveling to the United States and require medical coverage throughout the duration of their stay.

How does International Medical Coverage work?

International Medical Coverage is very easy to enroll in and provides great benefits when you travel outside the United States. The health insurance experts at Altruis Benefit Consulting can discuss your specific travel coverage needs, review the available plans, and enroll you in just minutes. We typically start the coverage the day you leave and end the coverage the day you return so there is no excess coverage. In addition, your policy is fulfilled via email so there is no waiting for your cards or policy to come in the mail.

How to get started?

Simply complete the form on the right-hand side of this page and click submit! It’s that easy – on of our licensed advisors will review your information, prepare some options, and reach out to discuss and enroll. We will also keep all of your policy information on file in the event that you need it while you are traveling. We look forward to helping you!