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Agent Technology

The information, marketing materials, and sales tools available in the Altruis Benefit Consulting Agent Center are for the exclusive use of sales agents actively contracted through Altruis Benefit Consulting only.  Any transmission of the information, marketing materials, and sales tools to any individual or company not actively contracted through Altruis Benefit Consulting without the expressed written consent of Altruis Benefit Consulting is strictly prohibited.

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Quoting and Enrollment Tool

  • Market - Under 65 Medical and Ancillary Market
  • Platform Benefits:
    • FREE ACCESS for agents contracted through Altruis Benefit Consulting
    • Execute Life Changes and Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)
    • Built-in PPACA Calculator for Premium Subsidy, Tax Penalty, and Health Plan Affordability
    • Track your applications from beginning to end
    • Plan comparison tool allows you to show your client multiple options side-by-side
  • CLICK HERE for the most recent training video
  • CLICK HERE for the slide deck
  • CLICK HERE to sign up through the platform
  • CLICK HERE for Health Sherpa tech support info

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We have exclusive pricing for Altruis agents when it comes to Outbound Engine. Altruis will subsidize your subscription further based on annual production rates. Outbound Engine creates and delivers industry relevant content to your client base through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and eNewsletters. The platform then tracks customer engagement –allowing you to identify sales opportunities within your own client base. 

Outbound Engine Platform

  • Market - Insurance and Financial Markets
  • Platform Benefits:
    • Outbound Engine is the next level of ongoing client communications for the insurance and financial industry
    • Constant communication over Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and industry-focused newsletters – all curated and delivered by Outbound Engine
    • Exclusive discounts for Altruis Benefit Consulting Agents
    • Additional marketing allowance from Altruis Benefit Consulting based on production
  • CLICK HERE for a brief marketing video on the platform
  • CLICK HERE for OutboundEngine tech support info

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Zorro is a quoting, enrollment, and employee management platform which integrates the Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account (ICHRA) funding method.  This platform offers an incredible user experience for employers who are considering the implementation of an ICHRA.


  • Market - Under 65 Medical and ICHRA
  • Platform Benefits:
    • Cost Simulator allows employers to compare, side-by-side, the cost savings from of an ICHRA based plan versus a traditional employer based plan
    • Decision Support Tool uses a sophisticated algorithm that ranks employee plan choices based in their unique characteristics
    • Administration Dashboard provides employers with a simple, yet powerful, portal to manage employee enrollments and payments
  • CLICK HERE ICHRA Introduction and Platform Overview
  • CLICK HERE Platform Demo
  • CLICK HERE to view the employer facing materials
  • CLICK HERE to schedule a consultation with the Zorro team

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Plus Digital Solutions (PDS) offers an incredibly simple process to quote, illustrate, and enroll your clients with the Nation's TOP Life Insurance Carriers.  PDS also allows you to choose your level of involvement in the process - you can manage the entire process "cradle to grave" or simply originate a sale and send it to the PDS team to finalize.  Regardless of which option you choose - the team at PDS will guide you through the process.   

In addition to the amazing team at PDS you have access to quoting and enrollment technology that can easily be added to your company website OR simply download the Plus Digital Solutions Smart Phone App and provide a quote for your clients in a matter of minutes!  Either way, PDS provides with all the tools you need to provide Life Insurance options to your valued clients!

Plus Digital Solutions

  • Market - Life Insurance
  • Service and Platform Benefits:
    • Easily quote, present, and enroll your clients through the PDS website engine.
    • Download the PDS Smart Phone App and quote your clients in minutes.
    • Manage the enrollment process for your client or simply provide the quote details to the PDS team for processing.
  • CLICK HERE to view the PDS Product and Training Video
  • CLICK HERE to view the PDS Phone Application details.
  • CLICK HERE to view the PDS Online Quoting details.

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  • Service and Platform Benefits:
    • Tools/functionality that support agents in providing a best-fit plan recommendation and support them in having a cost saving conversation with their clients:
      • Adding preferences
        • determining if the Beneficiary receives subsidy
        • personalizing estimated medical costs based upon utilization
        • adding Providers to confirm if they are in network for a given plan
        • adding drug list to estimate prescription costs 
        • adding up to 3 pharmacies to compare costs by pharmacy
      • Sorting by "Total Estimated Cost" to recommend best-fit plan based upon lowest total estimated out of pocket cost
      • Navigating to the total estimated cost tab for a given plan to show breakdown of estimated monthly costs
      • Navigating to the prescriptions tab to view lower cost therapeutic alternatives for any off-formulary drugs
    • Highlight multiple enrollment workflows to support the agent however they prefer to work, in person, over a recorded line, or remotely:
      • The ability to email/text up to 3 plans in a quote while still getting credit for any enrollments submitted 
      • The ability to email/text the electronic enrollment form to a Beneficiary to sign and submit while still getting credit for that enrollment
      • The ability to utilize a call recording software to collect a voice signature and submit the enrollment on behalf of the Beneficiary
  • Market - Medicare Market
  • CLICK HERE to view the Product Training Video
  • CLICK HERE to view the Plan Compare Edge manual